Mental Health North West

Coping Strategies for Lockdown

The announcement of a second lockdown for parts of the UK has led to many people getting in touch with us concerned about how they’ll cope – so below are some simple tips to help you get through the next few weeks. 1. Acceptance I know it might be difficult – but the covid measures […]

Sources of Support & Advice

We all need help from time to time – and sometimes that help might be specific advice, it might be technical knowleldge or it might just be someone to listen & tell us we’re not alone. We’ve put this list together of organisations and sources of information that we know work – there are literally […]

Online Learning Resources

This list is always going to be an ongoing project – and from time to time we’ll review and update it – if you’ve suggestions of your own then we’d love to hear them – please put them in the comments at the end of this post and we’ll review and where applicable add them. […]

I had a black dog

A phrase made famous by Winston Churchill – we’ve still to find a better analogy for the dark days, the stalking nature of Depression. This World Health Organisation video strikes a chord with many people who attend our courses – so we thought we’d put a link here.