Walk & Talk

Walking & Talking

3hr half-day £125
6hr full-day £250

The health benefits of simply being outdoors in nature combined with an exercise as simple as walking are well documented.

But, there are also times when we all need someone to talk to, when we need someone to listen and really hear us. There are also times when we want to get away from it all and times when we want to be distracted or elevated by a walk in the wonder.

Our Walking & Talking Therapy Days are designed to offer exactly that. Rather than a counselling session in a stuffy office, or a workout in a gym full of people you can head out into nature with a super enthusiastic international mountain leader who is also a supportive qualified counsellor.

Each day is totally confidential, bespoke and just for you.

Typical Walk & Talk Day

All Walk & Talk days are tailored to you. We'll have a no obligation chat first to get a feel for what you'd like, and then we'll confirm a day if it's the right therapy for you. All you'll need is footwear, a waterproof and personal comfort items - we'll plan and do the rest.

These aren't intended to be challenges or difficult - the purpose of the day is to give you the space and opportunity to reconnect with nature and yourself in a safe and supportive way. We'll discuss a range of options - they might even involve coffee and cake.

We might:

  • Wander out around a nature reserve and take our time to sit and chat, to discover new beauty and to explore the environment and ourselves.
  • Aim high and tackle a mountain summit - but our aim will be to look at the other mountains we each climb in our lives.
  • Enjoy the beauty of a lakeside stroll and see how nature can help quiet our internal storms.

There's a link at the bottom of this section - but we put you at the centre of what we offer. This is a safe place for you to explore and express yourself.


If you've read this far I think you know - but being in nature our senses and our emotions come alive - its the perfect environment to work through difficult times, to find inner peace.

How to book a Walk & Talk session

Use the form below to get in touch - we'll arrange a suitably convenient time for either a zoom or a telephone call and we can have a no obligation, completely confidential, chat about where you're at and what sort of a day you'd like. Because this is therapy if we don't think it's right for you we'll be honest and say, this call is most definitely not a sales pitch!


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