Mental Health North West CIC Ltd is a not-for-profit social enterprise registered in England, registration number 13172068. Wellness Walks is a registered trademark and is the name under which our free for participant walks, talks and events are promoted to the general public. For the purposes of all documents and policies the terms the following names refer to our organisation:

  • Mental Health North West CIC Ltd.
  • MHNW
  • Wellness Walks

Mental Health North West CIC Ltd. is a not-for-profit social enterprise.

Company Reg No: 13172068

Registered Office: Curlew Close, Orton, Cumbria, CA103RF


Some things are simply fundamental – that we all have equal rights and should, wherever at all possible, have equal opportunities is unequivocal. Mental Health North West CIC Ltd. (MHNW) will always treat everyone we engage with, in any circumstances, equally and we will always seek to implement, promote and respect diversity.

Policy Statement:

MHNW recognises the importance of, and is committed to, equality and diversity, equal opportunities and the fair treatment of all involved with our organisation in any capacity.
We support the use and development of practices that do not discriminate, either directly or indirectly. It is our policy to treat everyone equally, fairly and consistently. We will audit and monitor all aspects of the organisation for compliance with this policy.

One of the roles of MHNW is to challenge assumptions and biases with advice and expertise. Whilst this is easily applicable to the field of mental health the organisation is committed to making it applicable in all of our engagements – with participants, stakeholders and other parties that we interact with. It is the responsibility of everyone who represents MHNW in any capacity to be familiar with this policy.



It is the hope of MHNW not to disadvantage any individual by imposing conditions or requirements which can’t be transparently explained. Some of our activities may have physical restrictions – but we will always seek to minimise this and offer alternative solutions wherever possible.



The MHNW Equality and Diversity Policy has the following objectives:

  • To adopt a planned approach to eliminating barriers that discriminate against anyone.
  • To ensure that no-one involved or wishing to be involved in our activities receives less favourable treatment on the grounds outlined in the Policy.
  • To make available and promote guidance to those involved in our activities.
  • To ensure all activities delivered MHNW & partners adhere to the principles of this policy.
  • To ensure that we seek to engage with as diverse as possible a range of participants, partners, facilitators and voices as possible.
  • To lead by example within our business sector.


MHNW will seek to promote equality and diversity through:

  • Regular review of existing policies and procedures to ensure that they do not inhibit the participation of people from groups who may be excluded.
  • Increasing collaboration with partner organisations to ensure fair and consistent treatment of all.
  • The provision of relevant information for all involved in the organisation to raise awareness of both collective and individual responsibilities; and make available the Equality and Diversity Policy to all who engage with us.
  • To require partner organisations and individuals to always promote the principles of this policy.


Legal Responsibilities

In pursuance of this Policy, MHNW may take special measures or positive action in favour of any group, which is currently under-represented in it’s organisation or activities. In this, MHNW recognises and accepts its legal obligations under the Equality Act 2010. Under this Act, age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation are protected characteristics. Employees, other workers, volunteers and applicants for employment who have one of more of these characteristics are protected from all forms of unlawful discrimination in the workplace, including: direct and indirect discrimination; discrimination by association; discrimination by perception; discrimination arising from disability; harassment and victimisation. MHNW affords these same rights to everyone.

Date & Review:

This policy is effective from Jan 1st 2021. MHNW will review this policy periodically and specifically if our practices or offering alters or if there are revisions to applicable law.