Our range of regulated courses

At Mental Health North West, we offer a range of courses. These courses are designed to be stand alone – but they can also be combined to cater for all of an organisation’s needs over two days.

Our private and hosted courses are on an individual case basis, for more information get in touch.


We run several open courses per year which are suitable for single participants to attend.


Exclusive to you with the course delivered at your premises. Calculated based on 10 attendees, but more places can be available.


We’ll take care of everything at a fabulous venue here in the Lake District.  An ideal opportunity for some quality team time.


Tailored to specific training requirement and delivered by our talented pool of directors.

Why Qualifications matter

If you’re looking to book a course you’ll (unfortunately) start to encounter some terminology – so we thought we’d offer a quick explanation & why it does actually matter.

Attendance ~ means just that – someone attended the course. They might have been enthused and engaged – but equally they might have been bored or just played on their phone…

Qualificationto be a qualification there must be a test of knowledge – this can be written, oral or practical – but it does show that the learner has actually learnt!

Certified ~ Sounds great initially – but actually it’s potentially only worth the paper it’s written on. Literally anyone can issue a certificate – but what does it actually mean? Did someone just sit through a lecture? Was there any test of knowledge? how has the content been validated?

Accredited ~ This might be a little better – but who has it been accredited by? How have they proven their or the participants competence? Who has checked the relevance and currency of the course content?

RegulatedThis means the course has been independently regulated by an independent regulator (in our case this is OfQual) to meet an independent standard and that the content has been assessed to be relevant. A regulated course will also usually have a test of knowledge or performance as a component – so you can be assured participants have actually paid attention and learnt the content.

All of Mental Health North West’s standard courses are regulated qualifications – the gold standard for learners.

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