MHNW & Wellness walks

There are some things we simply know.​

How often after a stressful day have you just felt the urge to go for a walk?

How often have you simply wanted to be heard & really listened to?

Wellness Walks in the charitable arm of our organisation. We run a range of free  programs that facilitate people getting into the outdoors in a safe and supportive way. Each time you book a course with us you’re supporting this – thank you.

why this matters

All the Directors of MHNW have personal experience of the restorative benefits of time spent both outside and vitally with others. Indeed for some of us it was literally life saving, and yet it’s not that easy…

Many people don’t have the opportunity, the confidence or the knowledge to head out into the hills or on to a lake. Then add in meeting strangers and it can seem impossibly hard.

But we’ve the skills & expertise to make it happen – so we do! – and it makes a huge difference to the people who come along.

The Results

From time to time we’ll ask participants to complete a survey – the same Wellbeing Survey the NHS use – and they report exceptional benefits from attending our events.

Many of them also contribute tetemonials and case studies – some are now even going full circle and becoming Volunteer Walk Leaders for us – spreading Wellness Walks in to their community.

You can find out more about just how special Wellness Walks (and our soon to be launched Wellness on Water program) over on the Wellness Walks website.

Take a look – see how it makes a difference – who knows you might want to get involved or know someone who could benefit from a Walk & Talk