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I had a black dog

A phrase made famous by Winston Churchill – we’ve still to find a better analogy for the dark days, the stalking nature of Depression. This World Health Organisation video strikes a chord with many people who attend our courses – so we thought we’d put a link here.

2017/2018 Statistics Released by HSE

It’s often said a picture tells a thousand words – but the latest Mental Health statistics have been released by the UK Health & Safety Executive & these numbers paint quite a story too…. So it’s worth starting by noting (we cover this a lot on our L2 & 3 courses) that the HSE record […]

Dealing with Disclosure

This article is adapted from a piece that originally appeared on our Mountain Services website. However the advice and procedures detailed below are relevant for anyone who might interact with at risk individuals – we feel that most definitely includes Mental Health First Aiders! We closed the last safeguarding article with these words: these are […]