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Coping Strategies for Lockdown

The announcement of a second lockdown for parts of the UK has led to many people getting in touch with us concerned about how they’ll cope – so below are some simple tips to help you get through the next few weeks. 1. Acceptance I know it might be difficult – but the covid measures […]

Sources of Support & Advice

We all need help from time to time – and sometimes that help might be specific advice, it might be technical knowleldge or it might just be someone to listen & tell us we’re not alone. We’ve put this list together of organisations and sources of information that we know work – there are literally […]

Online Learning Resources

This list is always going to be an ongoing project – and from time to time we’ll review and update it – if you’ve suggestions of your own then we’d love to hear them – please put them in the comments at the end of this post and we’ll review and where applicable add them. […]

Get Outside to boost your Mental Health

updated for lockdown! Study after study shows that time spent outdoors is not only beneficial for our physical health but is also great for our Mental Health – a double win! The interesting thing about most of this research is that it’s not big dramatic challenges like scaling a mountain or running a marathon that […]

What is Walk and Talk therapy?

“Walk & Talk?” what’s that all about then…. One of the questions I get asked most often by friends, existing and prospective clients. I do A LOT of walking – and sometimes I’ll do a lot of talking if I’m leading an engagement or training session. But increasingly over the last few years I’ve started […]

Do a good deed….

Saturday October 12th is the date for this year’s Real 3 Peaks event. If you’re not familiar with this – it’s the UK’s largest organised littler collection for mountains, and it’s now in its 7th year. It’s a free day out in the hills helping keep them beautiful….. Giving Back is one of the NHS’s […]

Traumatic Brain Injury and Dementia

This article references a study published in Lancet Psychiatry, April 2018 The long term consequences of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) are very much in the news at the moment with both footballers and boxers coming forward to say that they believe their poor mental health and (sometimes) impaired cognitive function has been affected by repeated […]