Our Covid-19 Measures

We fully appreciate that you might well have some concerns about attending a course potentially with strangers in a new-to-you location. So we thought we’d let you know what measures we’re taking to help keep everyone safe during this challenging times.

In line with UK Govt. measures announced Oct 12th:

We will be basing our courses on the HIGH category of risk & group sizes will be limited to 6 (5 students & 1 instructor).

We will accept bespoke and private bookings on the MEDIUM basis (12 clients + 1 instructor) from confirmed Medium area client groups providing Cumbria remain classed Medium.

We will not accept bookings from clients based in  VERY HIGH areas (but hey – you shouldn’t be travelling…)

Firstly – we’ve not begun to run courses until we’re really sure its the right and safe time to do so. Many of you will know that as well as a First Aid Instructor I’m also a field trainer for North West Ambulance Service – so I’ve sought the latest most applicable advice as to when has been the right time to begin training again.

In putting on courses I’ve come to the conclusion that whilst some adjustments are reasonable (spacing out desks, cleaning etc as explained below) some aspects of the courses I offer are vital – things like actually checking a casualty for injuries, or being close enough to someone in distress to observe non-verbal communication clues. So whilst we’ll make them as safe as possible (see below) they are going to remain part of the courses.

So what exactly are we doing now?

  • We’re only using venues that have C19 protocols in place – as an example our venues in Hutton Roof and Langdale are only allowing bookings every 4th day.
  • We’ll aim to deliver as much of the course outside as possible depending on content.
  • The trainer or instructor is arriving 1 hour early (& leaving late) to ensure that our staff have cleaned the venue.
  • Every participant is provided with their own hand sanitiser.
  • Signage will remind participants to wash their hands regularly.
  • A Hand Santiser station is supplied at the main room entrance.
  • We’re seating you all 2m apart – except for scenarios.
  • We’re teaching you to do first aid as you should in the real world – with appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) for you and the casualty.
  • Materials supplied for the course or session are yours to keep. They are all placed in a named envelope 3 days prior to events. You’ll be asked to bring your own pens and note paper.
  • Group activities will be substituted for individual activities wherever reasonably possible.
  • Where the instructor needs to mark your work they will be hand sanitising between each paper. Assessment papers are kept – so feedback will be verbal.
  • Course duration has been individually increased where necessary to accommodate these changes.
  •  All participants will be sent a mandatory C19 questionnaire and contact details form.

We want our courses to remain the best they can possibly be – much of what we do is based around human contact – so we want all of our participants to make an informed choice prior to booking with us. Should you have specific questions, concerns or suggestions then please don’t hesitate to get in touch,