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Why it matters who you recommend…

Things to think about This post is for our social prescribing partners (current & especially potential) because we think what follows is crucial for people who are recommending outdoor activities to think about. When any of us with a position of explicit, implied or assumed responsibility recommend or suggest something it carries an inherent validation […]

Why it matters who’s leading your activity

Lessons need to be learnt On October 30th 2021 one of the worst tragedies in outdoor activities for many years happened in Haverfordwest; a series of errors and a lack of appropriate experience ultimately led to four paddleboarders losing their lives in circumstances that should have been totally avoidable. The outdoor sector needs to understand […]

October News

Wellness Walks secures funding for another two years! We’re super pleased to be able to say our program of walks in West Cumbria hasn’t just secured funding for the next two years – we’re now able to expand it – we’ll be launching a new Wellness Walk program of events in the Workington/Whitehaven area early […]