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Walking in the Rain

sometimes its the simple things… It’s a cold wet Friday in the depths of a British Winter – perhaps not the most appealing of days for a Wellness Walk’s Big Day Out trip to somewhere as spectacular as the Great Langdale Valley in the English Lake District, but, asĀ  we’re going to find out, its […]

Why it matters who you recommend…

Things to think about This post is for our social prescribing partners (current & especially potential) because we think what follows is crucial for people who are recommending outdoor activities to think about. When any of us with a position of explicit, implied or assumed responsibility recommend or suggest something it carries an inherent validation […]

Why it matters who’s leading your activity

Lessons need to be learnt On October 30th 2021 one of the worst tragedies in outdoor activities for many years happened in Haverfordwest; a series of errors and a lack of appropriate experience ultimately led to four paddleboarders losing their lives in circumstances that should have been totally avoidable. The outdoor sector needs to understand […]

Starting a conversation; saving a life

Trigger Warning; this post talks about suicide This article originally appeared in my ‘other’ line of work as a mountain guide – but it deals with an issue that doesn’t care what your job is – so we thought we’d share it here. In 2018 there were 6859 preventable deaths in the UK & Republic […]