Coping Strategies for Lockdown

The announcement of a second lockdown for parts of the UK has led to many people getting in touch with us concerned about how they’ll cope – so below are some simple tips to help you get through the next few weeks.

1. Acceptance

I know it might be difficult – but the covid measures are out of our control for many of us – they are no reflection on us or decisions we’ve made or not made – they simply are. Rather than seeing them as a threat or an intrusion once we accept they exist then we can begin to finds ways to make the most of the change they represent.


2. Stay connected

It’s easy to mourn not being able to see friends- but we have lots of ways to stay in touch – be the one to make that call, maybe write a letter – send a photo.

And remember….we’re allowed to spend time outdoors with one person at a time who isn’t in our support bubble – the ideal opportunity for some real quality 1:1 time with a friend or to get to know a neighbour.


3. Feed yourself, feed your soul.

If you’ve got some extra time why not learn to make your favourite ‘bought’ food yourself – for MHNW that would be fresh pasta – easy (ok messy) to make – but one hundred times better! – But you could try making your own pizzas, your own hummus, or even a curry from scratch. You’ll not only get a great meal – but you’ll feel a real sense of achievement too.


4. Gratitude – keep a journal.

Keep a journal – use it to record something you’re grateful for each day – use it to turn your focus from worries and troubles to positives.

We’re a huge fan of journals here at MHNW – we’ve kept a photo-journal for nearly a decade and go back to it all the time – its amazing how many magical moments there are if we’re looking.

Five Minute Meditation.

Take five minutes to literally make some calm in your day. Try and use the time to¬† actually think of nothing – to let your mind empty – we promise it’s v-e-r-y refreshing.

We recommend The Breathing App (we’ve totally no affiliation) it’s super simple-set the time and use the hypnotic¬† orb to sync your breathing to a restful rhythm (the app will suggest some but we’d recommend two seconds breathing in, four seconds breathing out) – you may well find you soon want to do longer than 5 minutes!